Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Motley

One of the irradiated beasties found in the Kentex Wastes.
S.A.R.O is one of the key “Topside” Parliament initiatives. Their job is to study post-war flora and fauna as well as locate and recover useful pre-war technologies.


Parliamentarian forces make up one of the 3 main factions in F:FB. They, like their Enclave counterparts in the U.S, represent old world government, and their ultimate goal is national restoration (albeit in a much less totalitarian fashion).
They surface 10 to 20 years or so years before your arrival in the game world.
In that time, they’ve been shaking off 200 years of subterranean living and attempting to repair basic infrastructure.
Low moral and resistance from “surface elements” has thwarted their progress thus far.
The logo I’m using to represent them (for the moment. It’ll undergo a bit of alteration, I’m sure) is that used for the 1951 Festival of Britain.

Development software

I have zero programming knowledge. I can remember how to type a 3 or 4 line bit of code in BASIC that’ll fill the screen with my name, but that’s not much use for games development.
F:FB is being constructed from the ground up with MultiMedia Fusion 2 Developer, which is from a line of game building tools I’ve been using since 1993, starting with Klick & Play (Which you can still build pretty good games with. I think it’s also free to download these days).
It uses a drag-and-drop system into which you bring custom sprites and numerical counters and then run through a checklist to determine how these objects are to interact with each other over the course of the game.
Very easy and simple enough for my tiny artist brain to comprehend without inducing a nose-bleed.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What is thus far in place.

Systems and elements that are currently in place include:
- The effect of hunger/thirst/exhaustion on health
- The effect of weather on armour
- Conversations (system is in place. Dialogue needs to be written.)
- Object analysis (Essentially the “examine” function)
- Key resource pick-ups (food/water)
- Functional Nav map
- Mission screen (Where notes relating to missions will be displayed. Mission details have yet to be written in full, but the basic outline for core/narrative missions and most side-quests exist in hardcopy format – in other words: they’re scribbled on a crumpled piece of paper somewhere)
- Stat screen

Overworld Exploration

Like the original Fallout games, you’ll move from location to location via a map.
F:FB has no random encounters during “overworld” travel. Instead, peril comes in the form of low supplies and general exhaustion.
Food and water are key to your survival. Run out and you’ll begin to starve and dehydrate. This will affect your “wellbeing” score.
Wellbeing will determine how effective you are in combat, and if it goes too far in the wrong direction; it’ll start to eat away at your health, leading to death.
Supplies can, of course, be purchased from settlements – usually for an extortionate rate – or they can be found while scavenging. What has been left out in the wastes, however, is usually irradiated, and radiation poisoning has as much an effect on your Wellbeing as starvation, dehydration and exhaustion.
Further inconvenience to the wasteland traveller will be from the island’s lousy weather. It rains in Fair Blighty, and whatever was dropped on the mainland during the war has rendered said precipitation toxic. Walk around in it rather than diving into a nearby location or setting up camp and it’ll eat away at your armour, making it useless in battle.

The Kentex Wastes

The ruinous wasteland that you'll traverse in F:FB is the south eastern corner of England, and the counties of Kent and East Sussex – which the unfortunate people who dwell there in 2278 refer to as “Kentex”.

What is "Fallout: Fair Blighty"?

Fallout: Fair Blighty will be a very basic fan-made game set within the Fallout universe, and which, as the title implies; it is set on the shores of Britain, rather than those of the United States.
It will focus on exploration and narrative (which is what I loved about Fallout 3) over combat. Though there will be plenty of monster encounters, the combat system will be nowhere near as complex as those seen in authentic Fallout games and battles will be quick affairs.
There will be no perks and skills within F:FB. The game will change depending on decisions that you make rather than numbers you grind and the ending you achieve (one of four) will be determined by who you ally yourself with or what objects you discover.