Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Overworld Exploration

Like the original Fallout games, you’ll move from location to location via a map.
F:FB has no random encounters during “overworld” travel. Instead, peril comes in the form of low supplies and general exhaustion.
Food and water are key to your survival. Run out and you’ll begin to starve and dehydrate. This will affect your “wellbeing” score.
Wellbeing will determine how effective you are in combat, and if it goes too far in the wrong direction; it’ll start to eat away at your health, leading to death.
Supplies can, of course, be purchased from settlements – usually for an extortionate rate – or they can be found while scavenging. What has been left out in the wastes, however, is usually irradiated, and radiation poisoning has as much an effect on your Wellbeing as starvation, dehydration and exhaustion.
Further inconvenience to the wasteland traveller will be from the island’s lousy weather. It rains in Fair Blighty, and whatever was dropped on the mainland during the war has rendered said precipitation toxic. Walk around in it rather than diving into a nearby location or setting up camp and it’ll eat away at your armour, making it useless in battle.


  1. I think that you should include at least some provision for random encounters during overworld travel - I'm not saying that the Final Fantasy battle music should start up every minute or two, but you won't be the only wanderer travelling the wastes, after all.

  2. You mentioned that this project would focus on storytelling and plot, I was wondering if you planned to implement voice acting in anyway. If you do then I'm more than willing to help on that front. I'm native of Portsmouth so I think my accent would be quite close. If you want a sense of my normal everyday voice it's in this video: