Saturday, April 2, 2011


There is a RobCo presence in F:FB. Computers run on one of their older operating system to those seen throughout the wastelands of America (as the end approached, the U.S. government most likely introduced some sort of legislation to prevent proliferation of higher end technologies beyond their boarders) and there are one or two Mr Handys floating around, but the majority of robots purchased for use on the British isles were constructed by a native corporation: Barnabus Automation.
Their most popular product was the cheaply constructed BV-10, a Butler/Valet model.
It cost a third of what a Mr Handy went for, but had issues with stairs…….and lesser inclines…..and doors…...dust…..water…..certain radio frequencies, fur from pets, fridge magnets, the colour yellow, cold weather, fog, hot weather, children and Tuesdays.
Because of the tempting price, however, one English household in three had a Butler by the end of 2060. Sales declined after that as Britain slid into conflict with the rest of the European Commonwealth.

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