Sunday, April 10, 2011

Narrative First

Just realised that with the way that I’m putting the game together; I’ll have to put all narrative branches in place first and then assemble the combat/encounter elements.
(Which is fine by me. Telling the story is the fun part!)
It’s only key characters that have to be placed. Spot NPCs who exist only to flesh out the world can be added later.

As I mentioned earlier, combat will be very basic in comparison to that of Authentic Fallout. There are only a handful of stats and victory depends on your equipment status combined with a little luck.
You’ll have the option to flee most battles at the cost of HP, but that cost goes up over the course of each combat round, making it a gamble to see if you’ll prevail. Also, if you flee, you’ll leave the “dungeon” entirely and in F:FB, dungeons are repopulated.

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